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Using a shower timer is a great way to reduce the amount of hot water that you are consuming on a daily basis. If you use a digital shower timer you can help to ensure that you aren't taking any longer of a shower than is absolutely necessary.

This is a very important step to take to help reduce the overall impact that your household is having on the environment, because hot water use is the number one consumer of energy in most homes. In addition, out of that hot water usage, the shower is the single greatest user of hot water.

That is why in addition to using a shower timer, it is also sensible to install an eco shower head that helps to regulate the amount of water that is being used within the time limit that you have set for yourself. Water saving is a very simple procedure that can have a very large impact on the environment if enough households take it seriously.

Shower timers might seem like a bit of a silly item to purchase, but how often have you decided to stay in the shower just a few extra minutes because it feels good. By using a shower timer and becoming disciplined about how long you let yourself shower, you will be helping to reduce greatly the amount of hot water that you use even over the course of a single month.

A digital shower timer can be set to signal you whenever your allotted time is up and combining its use with an eco shower head will ensure that you aren't using any more water than is absolutely necessary in order to get clean.

Water saving through shower timers or any other means is always an admirable goal. So, if you use an eco friendly shower head that is properly designed, it should never ever compromise the quality of your shower in the slightest!


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